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Leisure activities on the spot

Balade entre amisBalade entre amis

Using the guesthouse as a starting point you can set off on a nature walk, mountain bike trail or take to the road with your road bicycle :
You choose the hike you wish to do :

The trail of the 4 lakes, the Cascades du Hérisson (waterfalls), the Pic de l’Aigle (mountain peak of the Jura mountain range at 933m) and/or the trail leading to the lookout point over the 4 lakes.


We can propose various routes according to your desires: be it for a daily excursion or just a simple stroll (GR559 behind the house).   
We also place at your disposal topographical guides, excursions cards for mountain bike trails and cycle tourism and I.G.N maps (detailed hiking and tourism maps). Moreover we rent out mountain bikes (adult, children, with baby carrier) and we have a garage available for our guests for the safe keeping of their bicycles.

During one of your hikes in the forest, you might be fortunate to observe the following animals: roe-deer, chamois or even a lynx (very rare!). Or the typical odour of the forests in autumn will inspire you to take along a basket in the search for edible mushrooms.


Bathe in our natural lakes

Baignade au lac d'IlayBaignade au lac d'Ilay Pêche à IlayPêche à IlayYou will appreciate our lakes not only because they are an essential component of our beautiful landscape but also because at the end of a day’s hiking or simply during a sunny summers day you will be able to refresh yourself by swimming in clear waters reaching up to 24° in summer.

Fishing in our lakes and nearby rivers
Fishermen are able to devote themselves entirely to their pastime in the Lakes Ilay or Narlay. Our lakes offer an interesting fishing experience with a large variety of species (pike, carp, roach, perch, etc…), and different fishing techniques. The closest rivers like La Saine or La Lemme are famous for their trout fishing.

Balade en hiverWe sell fishing permits for the Lake Narlay (one day permits 4 euro or weekly permits 12 euro) and can offer you a storage room for all your fishing equipment.

For more information on all the other lakes and rivers please consult www.peche-jura.com

In the winter, the trails and paths are accessible with snowshoes and the frozen lakes can be transformed into vast, white surfaces or natural ice-skating rinks.

Cross country skiing and snowshoe trails: departure from the guesthouse or the neighbouring village of Chaux du Dombief. www.montagnes-du-jura.fr

In the vicinity of the guesthouse

Pédalo au lac de ChalainPédalo au lac de ChalainLeisure activities :

  • Supervised swimming and pedal boat hire: Lake Vouglans, Lake Clairvaux, Lake Chalain
  • Canoe and kayak on the river Ain
  • Golf courses at Crotenay, Vernantois, Val de Sorne, Les Rousses (25 to 40km radius)
  • Lake cruises on the Lake Vouglans, marina and boat hire for boats without a licence at Pont de la Pyle (25km)
  • Relaxation at “Les 3 sources” with Turkish steam baths, sauna, massage and reflexology in Chaux du Dombief (5km)
  • Hydrotherapy at the thermal baths in Lons-le-Saunier or Salins-les-Bains (40 km)

Family outings :

  • Visit different educational farms: the Teaching Farm of Frasses à Grande rivière, the Farm Du Hérisson in Doucier, the Farm des Rippes in Pimorin
  • Balade avec des chevaux ComtoisBalade avec des chevaux ComtoisSleigh rides with the local Comtois horses in harness at La Chaumusse
  • Dino Zoo in Charbonnières les Sapins
  • Fantastic labyrinth at St Maur
  • Park for polar dogs at Chaux NeuveBalade avec des chevaux ComtoisBalade avec des chevaux Comtois

Feel like an adrenaline rush :

  • ViaFerrata
  • Water excursions
  • Canyoning
  • Acrobranches (playing Tarzan in the trees)
  • Ultralight or microlight aviation, offering you an extraordinary view over the lakes


Winter activities :Vue fantastique au dessus des lacsVue fantastique au dessus des lacs

  • Downhill, alpine skiing and cross country skiing, at Foncine le Haut (15km), in Bellefontaine (20km), at the ski station of Les Rousses (40km)
  • Snowtubing at Cerniébaud (25km)

Arts and Crafts and Museums :

  • Fully functional Comté cheese making factory and shop from the 1900’s in Thoiria (20km)
  • Specialized shop for Comté and other local cheeses just outside Doucier (20km)
  • Refining cellars for the Comté cheese at the ancient military Fort des Rousses (40 km)
  • Decorative woodwork factory and shop in Le Frasnois (40 km)
  • Potters in Le Frasnois and La Frasnée (15km)
  • Turner working with animal horns in Jeurre (30km)
  • Basket weaver in Plénise (30km)
  • Cutler in Morez (20km)
  • Saline d'Arc et SenansSaline d'Arc et SenansBrewery Rouget  De Lisle in Bletterans
  • The ancient saltworks of Salins Les Bains
  • Saline d'Arc et SenansSaline d'Arc et SenansThe Royal saltworks of Arc et Senans
  • The Museum of the Vine and Wine, in the house of Louis in Arbois
  • The Comté cheese museum in Poligny
  • The Museum of the laughing cow cheese (La Vache Qui Rit) in Lons-le-Saunier
  • The Monastery and village of Baume les Messieurs
  • The village of Château Chalon
  • The small typical “comtoises” villages (typical of our region) of Orgelet, Nozeroy and Arbois
  • The Woodwork museum in Bois d’Amont
  • The Eye glass and Spectacle museum in Morez
  • The Museum of the Machines that have fed the world in Clairvaux les Lacs
  • The Toy museum in Moirans en Montagne
  • The museum of the Art of turning (using horn and wood) in Lavans les St Claude
Tourist activities

You will find more detailed information on the websites of the Departmental committee of tourism of the Jura at www.jura-tourism.com and the local tourism office of the region at www.juralacs.com.

Photos Gallery

  • Baignade au lac d'Ilay
  • Balade avec des chevaux comtois
  • Balade en hiver
  • Balade en traineaux
  • Balade entre amis
  • Bons hommes de neige
  • Dino Zoo
  • Musée Clairvaux
  • Partie de pétanque
  • Pêche à Ilay
  • Pédalo au lac de Chalain
  • Port de Surchauffant
  • Salines de Salins les Bains
  • Vignes à Château Chalon
  • Visite insolite en ULM
  • Vol au dessus du lac de Clairvaux
  • Vol en ULM au dessus des lacs et forêts
  • Vouglans le port